Friday, July 30, 2010


we recently joined the throngs of families who own a wii gaming system. i must say it has provided some wonderful rest for me as the boys are completely engrossed in it, but it has also added a whole new myriad of reasons for them to fight or not complete their responsibilities.

the other night i told noah it was time to clip his nails and without moving his eyes from the screen for a second he informed me i would have to do it while he played. "but i'll play one handed for you, mom."

the wii is on their mind more than just the time in front of the screen as is obvious from their comments. we went to a church group meeting the other night and the kids were outside playing basketball with some college girls supervising. after the meeting one of the girls told sonny and i that when one of noah's teammates had the ball he shouted "press B! press B! you'll get a slam dunk!!"

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