Friday, July 30, 2010


we recently joined the throngs of families who own a wii gaming system. i must say it has provided some wonderful rest for me as the boys are completely engrossed in it, but it has also added a whole new myriad of reasons for them to fight or not complete their responsibilities.

the other night i told noah it was time to clip his nails and without moving his eyes from the screen for a second he informed me i would have to do it while he played. "but i'll play one handed for you, mom."

the wii is on their mind more than just the time in front of the screen as is obvious from their comments. we went to a church group meeting the other night and the kids were outside playing basketball with some college girls supervising. after the meeting one of the girls told sonny and i that when one of noah's teammates had the ball he shouted "press B! press B! you'll get a slam dunk!!"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

mothering boys

ari and i were watching a recorded episode of so you think you can dance last night. a couple was dancing a contemporary piece portraying soul mates. as it unfolded ari said "i think this has a lot of romance." i looked at him a bit surprised, but he went on. "i don't really know what that is.....but i think this has a lot of it." by now i'm suppressing a smile. i wasn't prepared for what came next, though. "i think it's like about marriage....and castles and stuff."

Monday, July 19, 2010


i always enjoy our travels to michigan but this particular trip was more than just a vacation. it ministered to my soul. the past two months have been dark and to have the people that know me and love me surround me and my family and just let us "be" was so refreshing. they pampered us, hugged us, and i even got a mom backrub when i was nauseous. i needed that.
part of the blessing was my parents driving halfway to us so that they could pick me and the boys up and let sonny go back to okc for work. we stayed in a hotel and let the fun commence! rocking at cracker barrel and "swimming" in the hot tub were highlights and we hadn't even reached grand rapids yet.
part of the time in michigan was spent up north at a cabin where ice cream sundaes were abundant and as chocolate and sprinkles started to outweigh the actual ice cream, moms turned their heads.

the cabin had a pool and splash pad where little ones had such fun pretending they were proficient swimmers in the 8 inches of water.
another fun thing about this trip was my sister kelli's husband brian planned a surprise 30th birthday party for her. her birthday isn't until september, but this way it was sure to be a surprise. we had lots of fun celebrating her life. (kelli, kristal, kim)
we spent one of last days at my aunt and uncle's cottage on gun lake. there we got to reconnect with a lot of krommendyk relatives as well as enjoy the beauty and fun of the lake.

it was a special time and it left me wanting for more. but, when i came home i felt so refreshed and ready to start my real life again. i am blessed upon blessed.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

embracing summer

i sat down and tried to write about the past two months, but apparently i'm not ready. i will try again soon, but for now i want to celebrate that i feel summer has finally begun. i look forward to this time all year. i love the days filled with splash parks, cheap movies, free bowling, and reading programs. summer has finally begun for us and now there is less than a month left. i intend to run with reckless abandon into the time we do have....kinda like a boy pictured above:)