Tuesday, April 12, 2011

special canvas

this was one of my last craft projects before i got sick and i loaded the pictures, but never published this post. i still thought you might be interested cuz it's such a great idea. these were all the rage last year, but i think displaying family rules or values never goes out of style.

i first saw these...

and found the tutorial here.

i love displaying family rules, but we already display a family contract and i was in need of a reminder of how to speak to my children (and foster child at the time) so i tweaked it a bit. i made a canvas the same way, but used phrases from this list-100 ways to praise your kid instead of the traditional "rules".

i found lots of scraps of paper in different prints and went to work. i didn't want to try to stick two pieces next to each other so i just used one strip and then left the rest of the canvas white and embellished with ribbon and paper flowers.

i pass this dozens of times a day and also can see it from my kitchen table. it is a wonderful, and practical reminder of how to start sentences to my kids. sometimes saying "good job!" gets old and may lose a bit of significance, but having these at my "fingertips" has been very helpful.

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