Wednesday, May 5, 2010

kids beggin' for spinach?!

i have seen "green smoothies" all over the internet and have even heard of their wonders from my friend nicolette. for some reason after all those exposures it final "clicked". i decided to give it a whirl for myself and holy HAPPY DAY!!

noah and matthew love it and sonny thinks i'm wife of the year. i followed the recipe here pretty much but you can really throw anything in. it's basically frozen fruit, bananas, a little yogurt and lots and lots of SPINACH! yes. it's true. you will feel like the best mom in the world as your little one guzzles this down and begs for more "candy". let 'em eat mcdonalds and t.v. dinners the rest of the're good!

oh, and by the way....i like it too. it's filling, tasty, and leaves a "fresh" feeling rather than that heavy icky stomach that the pancakes and bacon can produce. i've ordered some chia seeds to add and once they arrive i'll tell you of their virtues. for now, just get a big 'ol box of spinach and pat yourself on the back:)


Bonnie Lock said...

Yay! I made one this morning and LOVED it!!! Of course, Hannah didn't really eat it, but then again, I can't get hannah to even eat pizza. But thanks for the recipe, it will be great to have those in these upcoming hot summer days!

sonny said...


You can always throw in a couple of doughnuts and a snickers bar.

Tonya said...

hee hee, is adding donuts & snickers to spinach the same as having a a whole pizza with a side salad..... lol. :)