Tuesday, May 18, 2010




sick and tired.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

i just followed the tutorial:)

yes. it's true. after an almost 8 year hiatus, i am pregnant again. we are very excited and look forward to the arrival of our precious one sometime in january.
i am very familiar with raising children, but pregnancy, i haven't done that in a while and am a bit apprehensive. thankfully i have LOTS of friends in oklahoma who have given birth recently and can help me along.


"were you trying?" ummm....no, and yes. kind of.

"do you still want to adopt?" yes. i don't know how this baby will impact the timing of that, but foster children are still a huge priority to me and always will be.

"how did the boys react?" they are thrilled. they all (including sonny) are convinced it's a girl. sonny won't even engage in boy name discussions with me as he says it's futile. the boys call it "her" and "sister" even after i remind them it could just as well be a boy. noah rubs my tummy and feels the baby "kick" frequently and ari reprimands me every time i drink a diet coke saying i need to "consider the baby." i have lots of "help" already:)

"where will you deliver?" we've decided to go with the midwives at OU medical center. i had a midwife at a hospital when i delivered ari and it truly was the best of both worlds. all the modern medical technology at our fingertips if needed but being guided in the kind of birth we want by a trained midwife.

"will you find out the gender?" yes! we can't wait. from my calculations it won't be until september that we can find out, but the moment we know we'll announce it and her (or his) name.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

this morning...

noah (4 yrs old): mom.
i dreamed about God last night.
He was hugging me.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

update on the dutchess

so we've been dog owners for three weeks now. there have been lots of ups and downs. lots of dog poo and pee IN the house and lots of licks, kisses, and joyful squeals from three little boys. countless possessions destroyed by puppy teeth and hours of fun just running and playing fetch.
dutchy is in doggy obedience school and we're hoping for sucessful graduation, but let's just say we're glad there's a free repeat session for those who don't pass the first time:)
she is doling out life lessons left and right and for that i am thankful. she loves people and has never been aggressive. she doesn't shed and rarely barks. she also has all the little girls at the park swooning as noah proudly parades her around. she gave him the gift of not fearing dogs and for that i will always be indebted to her.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

sweet dreams

ari was invited to a birthday party last week for twin boys in his grade. when i excitedly told him about it he looked confused. i asked him what was wrong and he said "why would texas fans invite an OU fan to their party?" i tried to explain that people with opposing preferences could still be friends but i don't know how well it was received. when i asked him what he wanted to get the boys of course he replied "something texas". i got out my freezer paper, fabric paint, scissors, and some plain walmart pillowcases and here's to dreamin' of those longhorns!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

kids beggin' for spinach?!

i have seen "green smoothies" all over the internet and have even heard of their wonders from my friend nicolette. for some reason after all those exposures it final "clicked". i decided to give it a whirl for myself and holy HAPPY DAY!!

noah and matthew love it and sonny thinks i'm wife of the year. i followed the recipe here pretty much but you can really throw anything in. it's basically frozen fruit, bananas, a little yogurt and lots and lots of SPINACH! yes. it's true. you will feel like the best mom in the world as your little one guzzles this down and begs for more "candy". let 'em eat mcdonalds and t.v. dinners the rest of the day....you're good!

oh, and by the way....i like it too. it's filling, tasty, and leaves a "fresh" feeling rather than that heavy icky stomach that the pancakes and bacon can produce. i've ordered some chia seeds to add and once they arrive i'll tell you of their virtues. for now, just get a big 'ol box of spinach and pat yourself on the back:)