Sunday, April 4, 2010

resurrection weekend

we started the festivities with baskets from oma and opa. the boys were thrilled with their new toys and of course, candy
we then went bowling as a family. what did people do before bumpers? we sure got good use out of them:)
what is it about those shoes? so stinkin' ugly...but miniaturize them and they're SO CUTE!
resurrection morning! beautiful day, but quite windy. i pulled a marilyn monroe in my new dress a few times and i think more than one church member got a little peep show...sorry!
after services there was an egg hunt. ari asked sonny "why is it called a hunt if there are no weapons?"
the eggs were all empty symbolizing the empty tomb. the kids had a great time collecting them and when they got to 20 eggs they could trade them in for a goody bag.

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Tonya said...

Looks like a wonderful time! All 3 of your boys are sooo handsome! And I think you would make a lovely Marilyn Monroe, lol. :)