Monday, April 19, 2010

our canine addition

we've had a WONDERFUL week with oma and opa in town and have lots to report, but in our sadness of their departure we went out and within the hour had a new member of the "DUTCHY"
since we have never had a dog (or even a hermit crab) we had to make an emergency trip to petsmart on the way home from purchasing our new pup.
when i asked for name ideas the first one that was shouted out was "sponge bob". this began an unending litany of questions and comments for the next few hours. "can she sleep with me?" "this is the best day of my life" "mom! don't take pictures with the flash...she doesn't like it!" "mom-now you're not the only girl!"
not the most flattering picture of our dutchess but it displays her gorgeous blue eyes. sonny said she wasn't the most obedient of the litter, but she was the prettiest. i'm sure he wasn't referencing the other lady in his life:)
while at petsmart as we looked at a collar, leash, toys, and even a brush, all three boys insisted on pink. naturally since she's a girl....she must have pink!

let's just say, there's NEVER been this much pink in our home....EVER!
"always kiss me goodnight"


darbishar said...

Too cute!

Melissa said...

She is so cute! How fun :)

Tonya said...

How exciting!! She's adorable! :)

Becky said...

She is so adorable. I'm sure the boys will love her tons, but it looks like you and Sonny have fallen in love too :)