Saturday, April 24, 2010 your cousins

warning: picture heavy post ahead, but the subjects are just so cute not one pic could be cut

i grew up very close with my cousins, especially the children of my dad's brother dan because they had a family of three boys and we had a family of three girls and we were all pretty close in age. the middle son, nate and i are only a few months apart and due to lots of moving around we haven't seen each other in almost 8 years. he's had four kiddos since then and our little ones have never met. his wife richelle was kind enough to pack them all up and tag along with nate on a business trip to OK so that we could all hang out. what a time we had!
we made our introductions in the lobby of a holiday inn express thursday night.
friday morning we joined them for a rousing morning of swimming at the hotel pool. our kids alone filled the whole pool:) after lunch we piled into our familymobiles and drove down to norman to the museum of natural history. we saw all kinds of specimens and the kids especially liked the dinosaurs.

when all the kids piled into this native american canoe nate said it was the original mini van. wit runs in our family:)
matthew looks tiny next to this dino
calling all future paleontologists!
in the evening we took them to downtown okc and let the kids choose something from bricktown candy co. dassah (born in texas) was sportin the horns and ari (always for his home state) was puttin those horns down. noah and matthew were just trying to mimic the coolness.
dassah and noah challenge each other in mini air hockey
we ended our time together with rides on sonny's pedicab and perusing the art festival. what an unexpected treat to be with family. such a special one at that. thanks krommendyks!!


Liz said...

How fun! I really wish my kids had cousins. But I don't necessarily wish my siblings had kids...Oh well.

Tonya said...

How fun!! What an awesome weekend, family is great to have!! :)