Friday, April 30, 2010


missing: round holed mini-crate

have you seen me? i'm super cute and usually only about a dollar. i used to reside at the dollar tree, walmart and target. i have been missing for quite some time. if you spot me will you please comment on this post immediately so that my "mom" can rush out and buy a me and all of my siblings? she likes to dress us up with ribbon and fill us with goodies for gifts and she's just so sad that her supply is depleted and she can't find me anywhere. thank you.


C and G said...

hmmmm nope! but, i saw (and bought) it's cousin at said dollar tree - it was a little different style and lime green and oh so cute!!!

Liz said...

Ever since you made me one I've been trying to find them too. All I've seen are black ones at the Dollar Tree, and I haven't even seen those recently.

Jeana said...

They don't have the exact same ones but Dollar Tree online has several other styles of crates and baskets that could decorated with ribbon. I'll keep my eyes out for these specific mini crates though.