Tuesday, April 13, 2010

granola bars

i really like homemade granola, but when i serve it to my kids it gets mixed reviews and if they do eat it, well, let's just say more get's on the floor than in their mouths. i found a blog post about chewy granola bars and i thought we'd give it a whirl. they were fun and easy to make and very tasty!
chef daniel was very excited to whip up this healthy snack.
making the "goo" that holds it together and makes it "chewy". if you would like to try some of the yumminess you can find the recipe here. it doesn't specify how long to roast the oats and wheat germ and ours got a bit black. i put the mix in our toaster oven at 400 degrees...probably a bit much.

don't you want one right NOW?!


Tonya said...

Yes I do! Yum!!! :)

darbishar said...

We made these a couple of days ago. Can I just say that coconut, dried cranberries and bittersweet chocolate make a wonderful combination! Thanks for the recipe, my whole family loves them :)