Tuesday, April 27, 2010

cheep, cheap

do you have frames like this lying around? i had a ton. 4x6 and 5x7 frames that used to house pics from college and my pre-mom days. i don't display them any more and honestly i've tossed a lot of them out. thankfully i still had this one. not really diggin the wood color, but nothing a little can of black spray paint couldn't fix:)

after the spray paint i put a piece of pretty scrapbook paper in the frame and removed the glass. then i took a wooden cutout bird (from michaels) and modpodged more pretty paper to it. glued a button on for the eye and look!
i really like it. she looks great resting up against my big clock, but she could also stand alone with the little stand thingy on the back of the frame. i've seen ladies frame vintage keys, fake fruit (cut in half) even bird nests with eggs. the possibilities and colors are endless. what three-dimensional item might you like to frame?


Liz said...

So cool. I love it when I find something simple and cute that you can do a million different ways.

Jeana said...

I really want to do something like this with a wooden letter L for Linhart and place it in our family art gallery. Love the bird, of course!

darbishar said...