Friday, April 30, 2010


missing: round holed mini-crate

have you seen me? i'm super cute and usually only about a dollar. i used to reside at the dollar tree, walmart and target. i have been missing for quite some time. if you spot me will you please comment on this post immediately so that my "mom" can rush out and buy a me and all of my siblings? she likes to dress us up with ribbon and fill us with goodies for gifts and she's just so sad that her supply is depleted and she can't find me anywhere. thank you.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

what's in YOUR wallet?

i don't think anyone actually thinks this when they fall in love, but it happens to a lot of us. it "happened" to us also. it started off innocently enough. i got my first "real job" right out of college and it involved travel. the company asked me to get a credit card so i could charge my expenses and get reimbursed. i did this with no problem as i grew up thinking credit cards were just like debit cards but you paid them in one lump sum at the end of the month. the entire balance. of course. right? well, i quickly learned that there was such a thing as a "minimum" payment and that if i charged things on my credit card i got a "reward". rewards are good, right?
everything was o.k. until sonny graduated. and we had a baby. and i quit my job. and sonny couldn't find a job. my parents graciously let us stay with them and most of our expenses were covered, but we started charging a few things here and there. and not paying them off here and there. after a year of just charging a few things sonny got a fulltime job in california. we thought the pay would be plenty to cover costs, but turned out not to be. rather than making more money or spending less we just put some more on the credit card. until it became a habit. then we started not looking at the statements any more. we were officially in full on denial. and it was bad. over the next couple of years we racked up over $40,000 in credit card debt. yes. you read correctly. it could have been more...that's my guess. we had multiple cards and lines of credit and sadly tens of thousands of dollars more of available credit!

we finally looked at it in the face one day in the summer of 2007. we left our beautiful four-bedroom two bath two-story home and moved into a one-bedroom basement apartment. i got a part-time job. we quit our gym. we sold everything we could (besides the kids). i even stopped getting diet cokes. it was a dark time. but we felt good. we knew we were attacking this burden and that freedom was worth it. there have been many setbacks along the way. car troubles, relocation, dental disasters, but we kept on course. sonny and i have worked extra jobs for the past three years to hammer that debt and today. i am THRILLED to announce. it. is. GONE!!!! we still have student loan debt, van debt, and now house debt, but the credits cards all read zero. and boy does that. feel. good.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

cheep, cheap

do you have frames like this lying around? i had a ton. 4x6 and 5x7 frames that used to house pics from college and my pre-mom days. i don't display them any more and honestly i've tossed a lot of them out. thankfully i still had this one. not really diggin the wood color, but nothing a little can of black spray paint couldn't fix:)

after the spray paint i put a piece of pretty scrapbook paper in the frame and removed the glass. then i took a wooden cutout bird (from michaels) and modpodged more pretty paper to it. glued a button on for the eye and look!
i really like it. she looks great resting up against my big clock, but she could also stand alone with the little stand thingy on the back of the frame. i've seen ladies frame vintage keys, fake fruit (cut in half) even bird nests with eggs. the possibilities and colors are endless. what three-dimensional item might you like to frame?

Saturday, April 24, 2010 your cousins

warning: picture heavy post ahead, but the subjects are just so cute not one pic could be cut

i grew up very close with my cousins, especially the children of my dad's brother dan because they had a family of three boys and we had a family of three girls and we were all pretty close in age. the middle son, nate and i are only a few months apart and due to lots of moving around we haven't seen each other in almost 8 years. he's had four kiddos since then and our little ones have never met. his wife richelle was kind enough to pack them all up and tag along with nate on a business trip to OK so that we could all hang out. what a time we had!
we made our introductions in the lobby of a holiday inn express thursday night.
friday morning we joined them for a rousing morning of swimming at the hotel pool. our kids alone filled the whole pool:) after lunch we piled into our familymobiles and drove down to norman to the museum of natural history. we saw all kinds of specimens and the kids especially liked the dinosaurs.

when all the kids piled into this native american canoe nate said it was the original mini van. wit runs in our family:)
matthew looks tiny next to this dino
calling all future paleontologists!
in the evening we took them to downtown okc and let the kids choose something from bricktown candy co. dassah (born in texas) was sportin the horns and ari (always for his home state) was puttin those horns down. noah and matthew were just trying to mimic the coolness.
dassah and noah challenge each other in mini air hockey
we ended our time together with rides on sonny's pedicab and perusing the art festival. what an unexpected treat to be with family. such a special one at that. thanks krommendyks!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

this boy...

...has stolen our hearts. he has his challenges. they are many. but boy are the delights plentiful. if he had been easy i would have missed out on so much growth (ouch) and oh so much joy. he is truly unique.
i wonder how many other wonderful people i've passed over because they weren't "easy". thankfully ari makes it impossible to pass him by...he's kinda always around:) love you son!

Monday, April 19, 2010

seeing our girl in action

our canine addition

we've had a WONDERFUL week with oma and opa in town and have lots to report, but in our sadness of their departure we went out and within the hour had a new member of the "DUTCHY"
since we have never had a dog (or even a hermit crab) we had to make an emergency trip to petsmart on the way home from purchasing our new pup.
when i asked for name ideas the first one that was shouted out was "sponge bob". this began an unending litany of questions and comments for the next few hours. "can she sleep with me?" "this is the best day of my life" "mom! don't take pictures with the flash...she doesn't like it!" "mom-now you're not the only girl!"
not the most flattering picture of our dutchess but it displays her gorgeous blue eyes. sonny said she wasn't the most obedient of the litter, but she was the prettiest. i'm sure he wasn't referencing the other lady in his life:)
while at petsmart as we looked at a collar, leash, toys, and even a brush, all three boys insisted on pink. naturally since she's a girl....she must have pink!

let's just say, there's NEVER been this much pink in our home....EVER!
"always kiss me goodnight"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

granola bars

i really like homemade granola, but when i serve it to my kids it gets mixed reviews and if they do eat it, well, let's just say more get's on the floor than in their mouths. i found a blog post about chewy granola bars and i thought we'd give it a whirl. they were fun and easy to make and very tasty!
chef daniel was very excited to whip up this healthy snack.
making the "goo" that holds it together and makes it "chewy". if you would like to try some of the yumminess you can find the recipe here. it doesn't specify how long to roast the oats and wheat germ and ours got a bit black. i put the mix in our toaster oven at 400 degrees...probably a bit much.

don't you want one right NOW?!

Monday, April 12, 2010

biological clock

ari (7): mom, how many kids do you think you'll have?
me: oh, probably just and noah.
ari: well, you only release 50 eggs in your lifetime remember may want to get going.

tick, tick, tick....

Friday, April 9, 2010

musical eggs

you know those cheap, uh, i mean bright plastic eggs that are littering your house after all the easter egg hunts? well, if you have a few minutes they just might be worth keepin out of the trash can.
i just got some old sheet music (you can use fabric scraps, scrapbook paper, etc) and tore it up into little pieces. applied some mod podge to the egg and started slapping those scraps on. smooth with your finger and repeat.
they look great in a birdcage, a fake nest, a white bowl, a glass jar, anywhere!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"i look like simon" of the chipmunks!

is there anything cuter than a kid in glasses?


it's that time bowl free! the first coupons arrive april 20th so get your kiddos signed up and let the (free) fun begin!

Monday, April 5, 2010

frame those faces

my entry way has this skinny wall of white that you see first as you as you walk through the front door. what better way to be greeted then by these smiling faces? you too can totally personalize a little frame vignette of your own. i bought this whole thing at michael's in the unfinished wood section. all i did was choose the scrapbook paper i liked and modpodge it on. i used a nail file to "sand" the edges and make it "one" with the edge. slap a ribbon on top and there ya go!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

resurrection weekend

we started the festivities with baskets from oma and opa. the boys were thrilled with their new toys and of course, candy
we then went bowling as a family. what did people do before bumpers? we sure got good use out of them:)
what is it about those shoes? so stinkin' ugly...but miniaturize them and they're SO CUTE!
resurrection morning! beautiful day, but quite windy. i pulled a marilyn monroe in my new dress a few times and i think more than one church member got a little peep show...sorry!
after services there was an egg hunt. ari asked sonny "why is it called a hunt if there are no weapons?"
the eggs were all empty symbolizing the empty tomb. the kids had a great time collecting them and when they got to 20 eggs they could trade them in for a goody bag.