Friday, March 19, 2010

say what?!

ari had his last basketball game of the year and was so excited to have an undefeated season. even though the league doesn't keep score...somehow the kids found out:)
during the first half ari was upset because he wasn't getting very many shooting opportunities and the few he got were unsuccessful. there were tears. there were clenched fists. there were lots of killer looks.
during the end of the second half i heard cheering with my sons name woven in and i looked up in time to see ari celebrating a basket! when he came to the bench a few minutes later for a rest i congratulated him and asked how it was. he looked up at me with a face lit by his smile and said...

"it was like the water of happiness washed away all the sadness"

he's 7. where does this come from? who is this child? i am reminded daily that he is his own person and i am responsible not to make him into my image, but into God's image. not to mold him into the child i expected, but the one God gave me.

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Tonya said...

Hee hee, Ari is such an awesome kid. :)