Monday, March 15, 2010

new cHildren's zoo!

tHe oklaHoma zoo just opened tHeir new cHildren's zoo tHis past friday and we were tHere witH bells on! tHe coolest part was tHe larakeet park. we got to go in, nectar cup in and, and be attacked, um, i mean greeted by real live larakeets. my friend nicolette was wise and bougHt tHe nectar but tHrew me under tHe bus asking me to Hold it. i got SWARMED! i'm not big on animals (and birds are my LEAST favorite, besides snakes) but tHe look on tHe kids' faces made me stand still and not run for my life. Have i mentioned i saw a clip of alfred HitcHcock's "birds" on tv wHen i was little and Have Had nigHtmares ever since? o.k.
mattHew was THRILLED to Have a larakeet on His sHoulder.

and His Head. anywHere really. He just loved Him some birds.
Daniel giggled witH deligHt over tHese beasts and even tried to lure tHem witH empty nectar cups

aren't i brave? tHis was AFTER tHe feeding frenzy.
o.k. tHis picture sHows a bit more of my true colors...not lovin it, but trying oH, so Hard:)

p.s. if you Haven't noticed, my "H" key is NOT fixed yet, but i did discover tHat tHe capital H works. wHen i Hit "caps lock" it doesn't work, but just tHe capital H. extremely weird. makes for strange reading wHen you come to my blog, but you'll just Have to live witH it until my Husband bails me out of tHis H-less mess.


darbishar said...

You told me you weren't scared! I wouldn't have done that to you if I knew you didn't like birds! But I am sure Sawyer is happy that I didn't have the cup since he didn't seem to like them very much either. Oliver on the other hand had a blast watching them so close up. Thank you for being so brave!

kristal said...

nicolette...PLEASE don't apologize...if i couldn't Handle it i would've said no. i just Had to get a little sarcastic jab in for fun:) so glad we got nectar, it really did enHance tHe experience....especially wHen i peed my pants:)


Tonya said...

Hee hee, so glad we got to experience it with you! :)

Liz said...

We took our computer up to Best Buy to get the space bar fixed and they said that even with our warranty, we would have to mail it off and pay $60. Just to get it unstuck!!!!! I say keep the H. It's quirky.