Wednesday, March 3, 2010

education for a dollar

our foster son has needs. and lots of them. i am overwhelmed with all that he doesn't know, all that he hasn't learned and all he needs to unlearn. he attends eight appointments a week to help wit these tasks, but most of the weight falls on me. with two other children and a part time job and all the other things i do, i need to incorporate this "re-education" into our daily lives. i just can't sit down for hours with matthew like i would like to. i have found a simple (and cheap) way to make that possible and i thought maybe you, with or without a special needs child, might like to use it as well.
every child has things to learn (that's their full time job) and we all have time in the car, grocery store, post office line, etc where we could capitalize on their lack of anything to do, but how? here is my solution....
photo albums from the dollar tree or walmart for a buck. they hold just enough and usually even have a slip cover you can customize (or just slap a label on the front). i had dreams of making scrapbook like covers with embellishments and stunning lettering, but this was all i had time for. we just deal with it.
matthew as major speech issues and is supposed to be working on saying certain problem words every day. i just google images of those words, have the pics printed and voila...a speech book is born!
don't want to find pics and print them? flashcards! they can be found at the dollar tree on many subjects at all grade levels and just slide right into te pockets. done!
matthew also has a hard time with all the people that go in and out of is life so i thougt it would be cool to make him a book of the people who love im and their names. he loves to flip through this and the grin gets bigger and bigger with each page. noa insisted on aving one too:) wouldn't a little one LOVE this? could also help wit learning the names and faces of out of town relatives.

finally, i purchased the school sized letter chant that my teacer friend recommended. it has worked so well for the boys and teaches alphabet recognition, letter sounds, and it's just fun! i took pictures of each card and had them printed as 4x6 photos and now they're "chanting" down the freeway, in the dr.'s office waiting room and down the aisles of target. it's awesome!


Jeana said...

This is a great idea! I'm going to hop over to Dollar Tree and get supplies to help Toby with his letter and number recognition. Thanks, friend! P.S. You're such a good mom/teacher and I'm thankful for all the ideas and tips you share.

sonny said...

We need to get the H fixed on your keyboard.

Tonya said...

AMAZING! You never cease to amaze me dear friend! I am gonna make some for Starla!! You should so be a full time teacher some day, to kids other than those living under your roof! :)

Becky said...

Wow you are such a great mom and advocate for your kids! Way to be thinking and what a easy solution for those "boring times" of everyday life. I will have to make some for the kids. Thanks again for the inspiration!

Micah and Christa Forsythe said...

I love all your ideas! They are truly inspiring as I think of creative ways to make learning fun in our home! I just love the photo book idea... we have lots of alphabet cards that would fit perfectly... thanks for making a difference in Matthew's life... may God bless the work of your hands!