Tuesday, March 16, 2010


it was such a special day. noah was showered with so much love and affirmation and our whole family was supported and it just confirmed again what a blessing the process of adoption has been in our lives. the more we share it, the more beautiful it becomes. thank you to all the thoughtful and wonderful people who made today so very memorable.

i got the 4-year-olds matching outfits with a shirt to match their demeanor...

watching the video of our special day in court and pics of noah's first year

the "older" boys celebrating with video games
all of our guests received a freezer paper stencil, canvas tote and fabric paint to create a one-of-a kind bag all their own...they did such a great job!



Liz said...

I am completely crediting you all with Kinley's advances in speech lately. Everytime we see you, she just can't shut up! It's Noah this, and Noah that, for the rest of the day! It was a great party!

C and G said...

What a fun and special day!

Tonya said...

Thanks for letting us share insuch a wonderful celebration with you!