Friday, February 12, 2010

love in the form of food

people gotta eat. it's one of the biggest challenges when you in a difficult spot. you get irritable, tired, and just plain cranky when you don't have food. my friends and family know this and they have stepped up during our move.
my friend nicolette is having us over for a home cooked, nutritious, make -you-feel-so-much-better-than-mcdonalds, meal tonight that i don't have to prepare or clean up (not that i could find a pot or pan if i wanted to:)
my sister, would totally be cooking for me, but it would probably be a bit cold by the time the meal arrived from michigan. she took initiative (with the help of the internet) and found the closest pizza place, called, made an order, paid over the phone, and now i know that tomorrow night we will have hot, yummy, pizza ready and waiting amidst our chaos. thank you my sweet ladies and may i be as thoughtful and creative as you.

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Tonya said...

Ah, how thoughtful!! You know I would be happy to send food your way if you need another night or two of meals, just let me know! Starla snapped my phone in two last night though, so not only do I not have a phone, but I don't have anyone's numbers! Ack!