Tuesday, February 23, 2010

just for the taste of it...

i don't know what's come over me. i've regretted the decision ever since i made it a few minutes ago, but i am giving up diet coke today. this may not seem like a big sacrifice to some, or definitely not blog-worthy, but this is a HUGE deal for me. i wake up and buy a diet coke. i pour two cans to have with lunch, i buy another in the afternoon, and several more through the evening. if i happen to be at a restaurant the count doubles or triples when there are free refills flowing. it is just what i do. it is how i "cope" in a small way with my day. i don't want to rely on something, but it seems the most "harmless" of all coping mechanisms and it is so easily available. i know it isn't good for me. i know it's expensive. i just don't care.
it feels so weird not to go through a drive through when i'm on the road. and it's only 8:30!!! updates to come...
EDITED TO ADD: it's 9:58 a.m. and i'm sipping on a large diet coke. there were some major stressors in our house this morning and i caved. i thought i could do anything for one day, but clearly i need to think through this strategy better. perhaps reducing slowly and relearning how to do things withOUT a diet coke would be more effective.


Bonnie Lock said...

Although I'm certainly not trying to make you lose your goal of reducing your diet cokes, I do think there are some worse vices than diet coke! :) But I'm with you! If you need help resisting maybe your 4th diet coke, give me a call! :)

darbishar said...

From my health book ( I have a test over this chapter tonight :)

For enduring change, you need a systematic behavior change plan.

1. Set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic,and timely (SMART goals). Ex. I will increase my consumption of vegetables to 3 cups per day over the next 4 weeks reaching my goal by March 25th.

2. Develop action steps for attaining goals within a set time frame. Ex.I will include carrots in my lunch starting March 1st.

3. Identify benefits associated with the behavior change.

4. Identify positive enablers (skills, physical and emotional capabilities, resources) that will help you overcome barriers.

5. Put your commitment in writing.

6. Create benchmarks to recognize and reward interim goals. Reward yourself with something that particularly appeals to you.

7. Asses your accomplishment of goals and, if necessary, revise the plan.

Monica said...

I SO feel your pain. The last Diet Coke I had was on Thanksgiving Day. My husband and I gave them up together which made things easier. I have to say that the week of withdrawal was the worst, but after that the craving was gone. It's been worth it for me- I feel so much better all around. My husband has now gone back to them and I'm afraid I'm going to cave any moment. Good thing it's not summer yet. One hot day and I might be a goner.

sonny said...

I'm surprised you lasted that long. Way to go love! Tomorrow go for 2 hours and 2.5 the next. You can do it.

Tonya said...

Hee hee, you crack me up. Good for you for at least wanting to give it up! Maybe you should start by cutting back instead of going cold turkey. Replace one with water for a few days, then replace 2 for a few days, then 3....until maybe you only have one or two servings in a day. Then decide if you really need to give it up or not. :) Good luck.