Monday, February 1, 2010

cooped up

is this how chickens feel? maybe i should become an activist to make them all free range. i CANNOT stand being completely cut off from the world and in our house all day. i guess prairie life is out for me.
yesterday i hit my breaking point and we HAD to get out. science museum here we come!
playing in water is always alluring to kids...maybe cuz it's messy?
ari was engineering something in the "tinkering garage"
noah "jammin'"
today my friends invited us to "bouncin' craze" and it took me half a millisecond to say "YES!"
matthew and noah didn't need any instruction. they bounced and crazed and all that pent up energy was spent.
no wonder those free roaming chicken eggs taste so much better!


Liz said...

Remember when the boys used to go CRAZY in the water at the Science Museum? Now Finn never even goes near it. LOL. Anyway, so glad to see you today!

Tonya said...

Fun times!!! :)