Friday, January 22, 2010

makin' lemonade

it was a rough morning. putting it lightly. i think it's finally sinking in to noah (and matthew) that they have to share my attention and they're not too keen on the idea. balancing all that i do really came to a head today and i was frustrated. with a little bribing and a lot of praying the boys took a nap so i could too. i was just exhausted. they woke up just before we had to pick up ari and i's beautiful out, i didn't get to do anything today cuz of all the stressors, and we need an outing! i threw some snacks and sippy cups in a bag and we swung by nicolette's to pick up her wagon (thanks, friend!) and off to the zoo with my three boys!
ari actually pulled the wagon the ENTIRE time. if you know ari and if you know the inclines at our zoo, you will be amazed. it was so nice not to have to maneuver and strain with the weight of the wagon. the boys loved it. and they only flew off the path into the woods once, so i felt good about it:)
matthew in the playground
aren't they precious?
the zoo kicked us out at 5 and we just weren't done having fun so right across the street was a new sonic (yum) with an outdoor playland (fun) so we stopped!
ari-climbing every mountain
noah being ....well.....noah. we love him.


Tonya said...

SO glad that you took advantage of the day and the time to go have a little fun, you deserve it, all of you! You do ALOT woman, and I am in awe of your ability to juggle it all, so whena bad day comes, as they always do, just remind yourself of what a wonderful, giving, loving woman you are, and know that "this too shall pass". Much love to you woman!

Jeannette said...

YES, they are parecious!!! and so are you! love you friend. you are am amazing mommy! we pray for you every day!