Friday, January 15, 2010

gettin' organized

so i think a lot of us get the itch to get more organized each january. a fresh month a fresh year and a blank calendar full of possibilities. a BLANK calender?! oh no!! what about all those birthdays, anniversaries, dentist appointments and other things i need to remember in 2010?! i do have a master list of those things, but i have to transfer them each and every year and a lot of times people move into my life and people move out so it is an ever changing list. i found something that i think is going to be really helpful. since i'm on the net every day (o.k. 50 times a day) i know i won't miss these helpful notes from myemailreminders. i only have to set up the dates once and i can make them recurring weekly, monthly, yearly, once every third tuesday, or ANY time i want. i can get email reminders the day of, the day before, a week before, etc....however many reminders i think i need for that event. today i got an email that said "get your eyebrows waxed" cool is that?!

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darbishar said...

Must check out! Thanks!