Thursday, January 14, 2010

get your kicks...

...on route sixty-six!
we live super close to historical route 66 and this very fun stop, Pops.
a giant soda bottle and my two boys...i'm in love
do you see all the pop bottles lining the walls? yes, there are a ton. there are every flavor known to man, and some not known.
anything blue floats ari's boat....especially soda!
momma is happy with diet coke from the fountain.


Liz said...

Very cute. Aren't you so glad all those bottles are glued down? :)

darbishar said...

when did you go? I have been wanting to go since I moved here, was it fun?

Carolyn said...

We've been there too. Such a fun place.

Tonya said...

So glad you guys got to go there and have fun! My boys love that place too! It's so much fun to peruse the colorful bottles of pop!