Monday, January 18, 2010

day two

yesterday the boys woke up and asked if they could make welcome signs for matthew. they insisted on taping them to the brick even though i warned they might fall down.
they defied gravity and stayed up with cheap scotch tape
today we have had a lot of activity. we started with cuddling and watching a little of kung fu panda. i then served breakfast hesitantly. we had been warned about matthew's finicky eating and trouble with digestion and bowel movements. he surely laughed in the face of that file! he ate a yogurt with fresh fruit and wheat germ mixed in, two tangerines, and two pieces of wheat toast with organic peanut butter slathered on. wow!
after breakfast we have been playing candyland, reading books, coloring with watercolor pencils, and creating with playdough. of course there have been many "battles" and "adventures" in between each activity. matthew added some new weapons to our arsenal and they just have to be used. so far it's been a great day. matthew slept through the night without issue and everyone is getting along famously.


Liz said...

Sounds awesome! The boys look really cute playing together.

Jeannette said...

yet another handsome little man added to the mix! what a blessed momma you are, and blessed children you have!!! i'm so glad that things are going well so far. we will continue to pray for you as you deal with those battles and adventures. can't wait to meet this new member of your family. love you all!

Jeannette said...

oh, and, i would definitely feel more than welcome with those signs to welcome me!! what thoughtful cutie patooties you have! we thought of you today as we played at the grandville mall play place. i remember ari making friends like a pro as he played!! love your boys!

darbishar said...

What a great start!

Tonya said...

Noah & Ari are so sweet, just goes to show what an awesome momma they have teaching them by her wonderful example. I bet Matthew is having the time of his life with all the fun activities you guys are doing!

Micah and Christa Forsythe said...

He's a cutie! So thankful that he has a wonderful safe place to just be at... you are wonderful and I will continue to pray God give you all strength and extra love and grace! You are in my prayers!