Saturday, September 26, 2009

happy birthday times three!

today we celebrated noah and his two best buddies' birthdays. since they all three love animals and spend tons of time together at the okc zoo, we thought a zoo theme would be fun.
goody bags for all the wonderful friends who came to show their love to finn, sawyer, and noah
facepaint was available if you wanted to transform into a zoo animal
trampoline, sandbox, slide, and lots of other distractions were able to be enjoyed on this beautiful day
every creature's tummy rumbles!
two of the papa bears
a menagerie of cupcakes
turning FOUR!
brothers sharing some ice cream on the stoop
happy birthday, noah!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

things are a'changin

it's no secret. i love mcdonalds. i love the processed food. the salty fries. and of course....the troughs of diet coke. we all know the dangers of the convenience and addictive nature of fast food. i've seen supersize me several times and actually look at the nutritional information at mcdonalds. i am informed. yet, i still consume.
i in no way fault mcdonalds for their deep hold on my life. i will not be suing them for making their food so darn tasty and easy to get. i have decided, for the sake of my children, i will only be eating (this excludes my daily diet coke run) there two times a month. yes. twice. in a 30 day period. my kids and i used to frequent there 3-4x a week. sometimes just for a "snack" and sometimes just to use the playland, but we'd always eat something.
it has been three weeks now and we've only been there ONCE! i still can't believe it. the boys are actually coping better than i am. silly post, i know. but its a big deal in my life so i thought i'd share:)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


the boys and i were in the waiting room at the doctor for our physicals that are required to be a foster family. there was a tv screen rolling powerpoint type public service announcements. "think you're entering menopause?" "ways to avoid diabetes" "how to move more" etc...
my 6 yr old delights in reading things most of us just glaze over....pool rules, caution signs at stores, pregnant woman and alcohol warnings, the list goes on. so it was no surprise that he was reading these slides. of course, when he was reading the topic was domestic violence. there were the list of signs..."is he controlling you?" "does he put you down and belittle you?" call the domestic hotline now! stop the cycle!! i anticipated there would be questions, but i never expected what came next. just as the nurse opened the door to call us back, ari gasped loudly and proceeded to shout with extreme concern on his face....'MOM! MOM!! NOAH IS ALWAYS trying to control me, AND he ALWAYS says mean things to me, and he's ALWAYS violent!! i NEED to call that number NOW!!"

help. do you think he would let it go when we went to get weighed? no. blood pressure? still urgently begging to call the number. did they cover this in the parenting books i read?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

just for the sake of cute

ari's teacher keeps a blog! how cool is that?! this was last week's post...

Friday, September 11, 2009

looooong time...

noah earned a timeout this morning. he wouldn't come to his room so he earned another three minutes. still wouldn't come and earned another three. by the time he came he had racked up fifteen minutes. after the time expired i went back in and asked why he had a timeout. after that i asked why he got extra minutes. he verbalized it and then exlaimed...

noah: that was REALLY long!
me: yeah...that was too bad, huh?
noah: it was as long as driving to oma's!

(it takes fourteen hours to drive to grandma's. just fyi.:)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

number 20

ari's "pose". he wouldn't smile because "when the players catch the ball they don't smile"
his ridiculously expensive jersey, but it really is cute, huh?
ari was asked to play catcher for the first inning of the first game. they asked our permission first...should i be worried?
he held to the stance they showed him like a statue. he asked me how i still knew it was him with all that stuff on?!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

it's my lucky year

after five consecutive summers of bliss filled with so you think you can has now become a fall show. meaning.....oh yes. BACK TO BACK seasons this year.

8/7 central TONIGHT!

i don't know if i can handle this event. it takes me a year to recover from the ecstasy of the summer before i can watch it again.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

may the force be with you

my friend melissa made more than TWO DOZEN of these foam light sabres for her son's star wars party. needless to say, they were a hit! my boys loved them so much i had to make two more for when friends were over. they're simple and hold hours of FUN!
just cut a pool noodle in half, get some duct tape, and black electrical tape.
find a light sabre design you want to recreate and start taping.
i made some as a birthday gift for my nephew and he was thrilled. they are used with great force (no pun intended:) and for the most part do not inflict injury. get some pool noodles on clearance and fight for the light side!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

holiday food

when ari heard he didn't have school on monday because it was a HOLIDAY he assumed we would be having our holiday tradition...monkey bread! although this is usually reserved for christmas, he was pretty excited so it will be our new "labor day" tradition as well:)
we assembled the "bread" portion of the recipe the night before so we'd just have to bake and glaze in the morning. we don't like to delay our gratification TOO long...
if you wanna play along at home buy 3-4 tubes of biscuit dough. not grands. not cresent rolls. just plain 'ol biscuits. cut them into fours. pour some cinnamon and sugar into a ziploc, add the little pieces of dough, and
shake! it helps if you do a crazy dance. they get fully coated that way.
then put the little sweet pieces into a greased pan until you've used 'em all up. when you're ready to bake i usually put them in at about 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes, but its not an exact science. you just want to make sure the pieces aren't still gooey underneath.

while they're baking, you want to create the glaze. mmmm....yeah. it's good. melt one part butter to one part brown sugar (so 1/4 c. butter to 1/4 c. brown sugar, etc). you want to really get it bubblin' and mixed well cuz it likes to separate. once the bread comes out of the oven give the glaze a real vigorous stir and pour it all over the baked dough. it will bubble, hiss, and form a mountain of deliciousness. don't wait for a holiday! make it now!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

i had a mcafe latte today

"Eew, gross, mama!!
you talk like coffee!

--noah (age 3)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

the wedding

mall playground, summer 2009

me: noah! stop hitting, kicking, biting, teasing, (insert behavior here)
lady next to me: noah? as in "the notebook"
me: excuse me?
lady: you, know....the nicholas sparks?
me: uh...noooeeewww....noah, as in "the biblical patriarch who herded the world's animals two by two?
lady: oh. i love those books. have you read the wedding?
me: no
lady: oh, its sooooo good. i couldn't put it down. it's the sequel to the notebook and it's wonderful.
me: i'll get right on that (yeah right)

well, as skeptical as i was talking with this lady, i was leaving on a trip and needed some "fluff" to read. i reserved "the notebook" and "the wedding" at my library and threw them in my suitcase. i read the notebook first and it was short, sweet, and an easy read. perfect for my summer vacation. then, i started the wedding. this was different. this was about romancing your SPOUSE. what? people do that? they don't just ditch their years of commitment and hook up with someone who "gets" them and makes them feel alive? this story was wonderful, romantic, and just what you'd want in a summer fluff read. but this one, to me, was profound. it was the story of a man disconnected from his wife who decided to do something about it. even if that meant remorse and humility on his part. i would highly recommend this book. you won't be disappointed.
i still named my son after the character in genesis, though.
for the record.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

z is for zoo

what could be better than a day at the zoo? a gorgeous, 75 degree day with super friends!
"put your hand around me, sawyer, put your hand around me!"
yes, i think noah is picking that lioness' nose. we like to be boogie free!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

on the first day of the first grade...

school began this past thursday with desks and cubbies and a real back pack. it's a big change from kindergarten, but ari is ready. i'm not. but no one asked me:)