Wednesday, December 16, 2009

power of story

i am a strong believer in the power of story. it does so much to make sense of the world, invoke emotion and action, and draw people together. to countdown to christmas this year i wrapped up 25 christmas books and numbered them. each night the boys open one of the packages and we read the story together. it has been really fun and our basket of gifts is getting pretty sparse meaning christmas is coming!
sonny also likes to get a book a bit beyond ari's level and read him a chapter a night. it has proved to be a very special time for them and (as you can see above) noah tries to sneak in on the action whenever possible. usually he lasts a few minutes and then gets bored and i put him to bed. this particular night he fell asleep to the sound of sonny's voice.


Tonya said...

What an awesome way to count down the days until Christmas! Reading to your children is such a wonderful way to open doors to their imagination, spend quality time, make memmories and strengthen reading skills and vocabulary! You guys are an awesome family!!

Liz said...

Super cute! And what a great idea!