Wednesday, December 16, 2009

power of story

i am a strong believer in the power of story. it does so much to make sense of the world, invoke emotion and action, and draw people together. to countdown to christmas this year i wrapped up 25 christmas books and numbered them. each night the boys open one of the packages and we read the story together. it has been really fun and our basket of gifts is getting pretty sparse meaning christmas is coming!
sonny also likes to get a book a bit beyond ari's level and read him a chapter a night. it has proved to be a very special time for them and (as you can see above) noah tries to sneak in on the action whenever possible. usually he lasts a few minutes and then gets bored and i put him to bed. this particular night he fell asleep to the sound of sonny's voice.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

happy sinterklaas day!

december 6th is the day set aside to celebrate st. nicholas of myra. last year i gave you a bit of history into this holiday and its traditions. we have fun celebrating it each year with wooden shoes full of goodies, secret missions to friends' homes dropping off gifts before they see us peel out of their driveways, and an evening of opening presents, reading about st. nicholas, and enjoying each other. this year was no different. take a peek...

ari with his "rocks and minerals" book to add to his scientific study

noah looking forward to watching a new 3-2-1 penguins dvd
(notice the powdered sugar on his mouth leftover from dinner? he and ari chose our menu: corn dogs, goldfish crackers, black olives, and powdered sugar donettes....yum yum!)
sonny received his favorite chocolate covered cherries and a steering wheel cover for the corolla so the flakes from his original steering wheel stop sticking to his hands. practical gift, but he liked it:)
ari was overjoyed (as you can see) with his new "learn math" ds game. strange child, but we love him!

may we all honor the memory of sinterklaas and the Christ he served with a spirit of giving and serving those who are "the least of these".

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


for a boy who doesn't know his dribble from his drivel, ari is doing remarkably well as a part of the 1st grade basketball team. at their first game they slaughtered the competition 6-2...go cyclones!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

ornament wreath

when i saw these wreathes in bloggyland i thought they were GORE-GEOUS. i never imagined they'd be so easy to put together. seriously. you can't mess them up. this requires NO creativity whatsoever. i promise.
click here for the post with the best instructions i found. follow her simple rules and let me add one more....don't buy your bulbs at the dollar tree. you don't save much (over a big pack at michael's or hoblob with a sale or coupon) and the hangers crack and then you're wreathmaking is not so merry anymore.
as you can see below, even with my overexposed photo and dollar tree ornaments, it still turned out beautiful. today i added a big silver bow and it looks even more amazing. you really need to do this. wouldn't this be an awesome gift for any woman? scope the stores for bulb deals, find the cheapest wire hanger possible, and rev up your glue gun! add some beauty to your life:)