Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween '09

it all began sunday night with the fall festival at church. games, bouncy houses, prizes and of course...CANDY.

then, we had a pumpkin carving party with friends. lunch, pumpkins, goody bags, and yes....CANDY.

thursday noah went to mother's day out and "trick-r-treated" the offices at church and also got a goody bag from each classmate. guess what he came home with....a backpack full of CANDY.

ari's class celebrated friday with a costume parade, cookies, punch, balloons, and yes....somehow his backpack filled with, you guessed it, CANDY.
saturday morning we were invited to a home halloween carnival with a duck pond, bounce house, ghost bean bag toss, bowling, face painting, cookie decorating and CANDY at every single station. plus several goody bags on the way out....stuffed with CANDY.

saturday night finally rolled around and we actually went trick-er-treating where the end goal of course...MORE CANDY.
despite my disdain for all the sweet stuff, the boys really had a great time. what a fun-filled week! thanks to everyone who coordinated all of these wonderful events for us to enjoy.


Jeannette said...

SO much fun!!!! what marvelous memories for your boys :)

Liz said...

We need to make a cookbook full of things to do with leftover mini-candy bars. We'd make millions!

darbishar said...

It really was a great Halloween, thanks for spending part of it with us!

Tonya said...

So glad that we got to spend a bit of it with you guys too!! Looks like they had a blast!! :)