Tuesday, November 17, 2009

aren't you certified yet?

i'm sure most of you are thinking...why is she talking about being certified as foster parents? didn't they finish that a couple of months ago? well, we finished our fourty some hours of training and turned in literally hundreds of pages of documents and had a three hour home inspection and interview several months ago, but we've been waiting for the agency to do their part, and that has proved to be a little more difficult. they've had staff turnover and transfers (which is more often the case than not) and say we just got lost in the shuffle. every time i called or emailed they said we were so close and it should be any day. well, a few weeks ago i got the hint. it wasn't going to be any day and i needed to turn up the heat a bit. the trick is to turn up the heat just enough to get what you need but not enough to get labeled. you want the workers to like you so they'll call you so you'll get a placement. our social worker told us she had picked up the phone and dialed another family's number to take noah four years ago, but then hung up because we had just called her the day before lamenting how we'd had two botched placements. so she called us! and we got a son! craziness. so, i continue to dance on eggshells and push just hard enough without cracking any.
i tell you all this because so many of you have expressed genuine care and interest and for that i say a huge thank you. it means so much that you want to know how the process is going and are rooting for us. unfortunately once we do get certified the dance doesn't end, the stakes just get higher. we'll continue to give it our best. calling when we think we should, refraining from calling (or storming someone's office) when we think that's best.
thursday we have a second home visit scheduled and after that we will need a third one. we are also waiting on the social worker to compile hundreds of documents into one fat file and check off each one. once those three things happen we will be done! (i hope:)


Becky said...

Praying that the Lord will go before you and smooth out the bumps in the road. Continue to look to Him for all of your strength and remember how He already had it in HIS PLAN for you to have Noah in your family and HE already knows when things will be finalized in this process too and the journey fostering will bring you through. Be sure to keep me updated. I will be praying- Becky

Liz said...

Wow! What a story about Noah! I guess it just shows that everything works out like it's supposed to, but you still need to light a fire under someone's butt sometimes! I'll let you in on a secret--I pray. I figure it can't hurt, right? So I will pray that they stop making things so stressful, and that you get a kid-quick!

C and G said...

May you "dance" gracefully :)

Tonya said...

Hang in there! It sounds like a rough process to have to be patient through, but it will all be worth it in the end! :)