Saturday, November 21, 2009

amazing combination

little house on the prairie+musical+melissa gilbert=one happy me!
my friend tonya was so kind to invite me in her husband's stead to the little house on the prairie musical! i don't understand why alan didn't want to use the ticket, but his loss was definitely my gain:) it was the heartwarming adventure of laura ingalls plus beautiful music AND melissa gilbert played ma!
sometimes it was hard to hear laura's voice playing caroline's part, but it also helped bring me back to the set of little house on the prairie i know and love.
what a great way to spend an afternoon...thank you tonya!!


Monica said...

That would be amazing! How fun.

Heather said...

melissa gilbert was actually in it??? what could be better (even if she was the wrong person!) what fun!!

Tonya said...

You definitely enjoyed it more than Alan would have, so I'm glad the ticket was put to good use with you! :) It was really good to see you too! I can't wait until I have time to see you more! Only a few more weeks, and I will be a stay at home momma (even if temporarily) once again!!! :)

Jeannette said...

ahhh!! so, i thought you were probably going to a msical at a local college or something! melissa gilbert? woah! so glad you got to experience little house for reals!!