Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a peek at my perspective change

sonny and i instant message while he's in his office sometimes. yesterday our conversation looked like this...

sonny: how are you, love?
kristal: well. i'm kind of down actually.
sonny: tell me about it
kristal: ari dawdled. late for school. late for daniel. went to wrap noah's birthday presents and realized hadn't received package yet. contact amazon. package lost in the mail. even though i ordered them over a month ago. my hair is SO UGLY and i CANNOT get a good haircut!! or maybe its me maybe i just have bad hair i'm super fat.
sonny: babe! i love your hair.
kristal: the house is a disaster. no one is coming to ari's birthday party cuz of the stupid OU/TX game. no one ate my pumpkin bread at the game last night.
sonny: i ate it and liked it.
kristal: and it won't stop raining!
sonny: wow.
kristal: i know
sonny: sounds horrible.
kristal: yeah
sonny: this lady spoke in chapel this morning who is battling cancer for the third time.
kristal: whoah
sonny: she was here last year speaking on overcoming cancer twice. now she can't
walk and can barely speak
kristal: dang
sonny: she doesn't have any hair. just a bad wig. i love your hair. it means you don't have cancer


Jeana said...

Wow, one of those "I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet" things. And to encourage you: You are a beautiful woman (with awesome hair and a strong body) who is a fabulous wife and mother and friend. God loves so deeply and is using you to pour buckets of blessings on others. I'm telling you the truth!

Tonya said...

Sometimes it's really easy to forget how great we have it, especially when things seem to be crumbling around us. Sometimes we need our loving hubbies to remind us and give us a reality check. For the record though, your hair is awesome. You are not fat, you are beautiful. We would have come to Ari's birthday regardless of the game, and I would have eaten all of your pumpkin bread had I been there (and then gotten down because I have no self control, lol) Chin up, the sun will come out tomorrow....

Jeannette said...

thank you for sharing your perspective change!! God is so good to give us such wonderful husbands to help us along this journey. i KNOW that you are an amazing help to him too. what a team you two are!! what a gift you are to eachother!!..
and, i don't give a RIP about ANY games and wish more than anything we could come to ari's party :) just so you know. love you my beautiful friend. you are a blessed woman!

lani said...

AHH! amazing how God does that right when we need it, huh? for the record, i always (from the time i met you and ever since) thought you're beautiful. you radiate the joy of the Lord ... that's beauty. :)

tamar said...

oh kristal, thanks so much for sharing this. we all feel tht way sometimes don't we.reminds me of a story i heard on focus on the family. a woman didn't like her very solid, sturdy legs. her boyfriend/fiance' would dismiss her concerns and just say he loved them and she didn't understand until she met the family. his mom was crippled with polio legs, skinny, spindly little things that didn't work. i too have struggled with self image. god didnt make a mistake with you or me! love you so much

Melissa said...

That was so good to hear! I was complaining on Thursday b/c Mark and I were going to have a "date day" while the girls were in school and then school was cancelled! I had been looking forward to it SO much and was disappointed, but I know it's really not that big of a deal in the big picture. Your post helped me but things in perspective! Also, I love your hair! :)