Thursday, October 8, 2009

oh where oh where could it be?!

whether you're searching for the proverbial "little dog" or your "hairbrush" even though you are a vegetable and have no hair....whatever it is you're looking for, i can relate. i CANNOT find my blogging mojo. i have been seriously searching for months. i thought i was in remission for a week there where i blogged every day, but it was mojo in disguise. not the real deal. i keep trying to analyze where it went, how to find it....and i come up with empty hands.
i really miss it. i miss your comments, the interactions with you. i'm gonna give it a go again before i shut this thing down. i have a feeling i'm going to need a lot of verbal processing and support as we wait and eventually get a foster placement. maybe that's part of it. when i started this blog i had all kinds of fun things to post....DIY decor, frugal finds, recipes, funny quips from the kids....and now the things on my mind are of a more serious nature. maybe i feel like this won't be as much fun. i am thinking aloud on my blog and coming up with answers i've been searching for all summer and into the fall? see how good you guys are for me?


Jeana said...

I miss your blogs, too. Have you thought about making it private so that you're more free to share and process the serious thoughts? No matter what, I am committed to keeping in touch with you, though. And to praying over the whole foster care/adoption process. Love you, my friend!

C and G said...

Oh Kristal - I feel ya! Here's the deal, just because you have a blog doesn't mean you always have to write :) I love reading your posts but please don't feel guilty for taking breaks! There are plenty of other things to feel guilty about in life :). I feel like I create blog posts in my head all the time and then they never make it to the computer . . . I just have to let it go even though I'd love to post them all - there's just not enough time or motivation or something like that!

well, take care! and how's the McDonald's thing going?

Tonya said...

Blogs don't have to be just about the good stuff, it should be like life, full of ups and downs, the good times and the bad. :) I've missed your blogs too!!! Since I can't see much of you guys anymore, I look forward to your blogs to help me still feel connected to my favorite mommy friends!! I hope that you can find your blogging mojo once again. Much love to ya!!