Friday, October 23, 2009

the lost boy

a lot of you have been asking about our progress on the foster care certification. first let me say "thank you". it is a long, tedious, sometimes frustrating task. we are nearing the end, although we've been told that for a month now and "things" keep popping up that we still need to do:)

i will write more about that later, but i stumbled across a book (the 2nd in this 3 party series) written by a former foster child and i thought it was interesting. i read the other two and have gained such an incredible respect for david peltzer. these books don't speak so much on the foster system, or the abuse so many children suffer through but much more on the courage of one boy to not let extreme horrors he lived through be a reason to quit. he never makes excuses or requires pity. if anyone has reason to complain about their life, it is david peltzer. he chooses not to. he chooses to live life with a grateful spirit and that has made all the difference for him.


Tonya said...

I read these books about 10 years ago, and they truly inspired me!! I keep thinking I need to go back and reread them, I own them!! He is an incredible man with an incredible story!

Carolyn said...

This series of books is one of the most often requested items at the library. I have never read them though, because I'm afraid they'll be too sad. Perhaps I should just do it anyway.

kristal said...

carolyn...i was scared to read them for the sad factor as well. dave is very discerning in what he shares. still VERY sad, but he always frames things in hope. you can tell he is leaving a lot of detail out. the first book is by far the saddest, but still worth the read.