Friday, October 30, 2009

chalkboard love

have you ever played with chalkboard paint? the possibilities are ENDLESS! you can pain your cupboard, the outside of bins, tubs, etc so you can label them, you can even paint the glass in a frame like i did! since i can't paint anything permanent (we're renters) i thought these two $1/piece frames from goodwill could make nice message boards for our kitchen. i spray painted the wooden frames to go with our kitchen. i then spray painted the glass inserts with chalkboard paint. it worked! it was amazing! i followed the directions on the can, wrote on it with regular chalk and look what happened! i attached a little black and white ribbon and wa-la!here are some women more brilliant than i who have taken chalkboard to a whole new level. it's not just for the classroom anyore! (ok, i just had to say it:)
a tired silver platter? how beautiful!
a chunky frame with space to remind you of what's important. and you can change the verse/quote as often as you like!
and my personal favorite. a headboard re-purposed! spraypaint it white and and then chalkboard paint the center and look at this one-of-a-kind piece you have! absolutely stunning. and how fun to write messages to your family, your honey, or let the kids be creative. i hope you try it on something lying around your house, attic, garage or goodwill soon!


darbishar said...

very cool!

Tonya said...

Awesome! How fun!

Liz said...

I bought some of that a long time ago and I have yet to use it. Mostly because of laziness. Too cute ideas!

Becky said...

SO ADORABLE!! You should sell them in your etsy shop! I'm sure they would go quickly! Keep up the cute ideas and maybe one day I'll attempt one :)

Jeannette said...

your creativity astounds me yet again! you are an inspiration!