Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a big day!

monday was a hard day on my momma heart. noah started a mother's day out program and ari got his very first filling. both things were much too grown up for them in my opinion. but, they happened anyway.
when we told ari that today was the day he was getting his filling he got a concerned look on his face. understandable, right? boy, was i misreading the situation. he proceeded to explain his worry...."ummm, in my mercury book it said filling are a combination of copper, silver, and mercury. said that some of the mercury can seep into your blood stream. and that's not good." sonny and i assured him (trying to suppress smiles)that we had asked specifically for plastic fillings with NO mercury. he then responded with "well....i don't want to tempt you guys, but it also said mercury fillings were the cheapest option." cheaper or not mercury fillings for you. we don't need you having anything more to worry about:)
noah with his backpack, ready for "school". he even started on "pizza day" so he got to bring money instead of a lunch box. miss mary michael is his teacher and she's a staple in the all souls children's ministry. noah has never had her as a teacher, but he's seen her at sunday school and vbs and warmed right up to her. they have a "rest" time with nap mats and everything after lunch. let's just say i don't envy miss mary michael as she attempts to get noah to be still for 30 minutes. i pray for her at 12:30.


Bonnie Lock said...

Oh man Kristal, that ari story is toooo funny. I'm sharing that one with my mom...she gets such a kick out of the cute stories of your boys. He certainly is a smarty...did I even know what mercury was when I was seven, much less the side effects of it?

lani said...

aw, poor ari! fillings are no fun! :(

Tonya said...

Ari cracks me up. He's such an old soul. :)

Hope Noah is enjoying his class!!

I'm so sad we won't get to come to Ari's party, it sounds amazing!! Take lots of pics!! I hope he enjoys his gift! :)

Jeannette said...

i wish we were closer so we could experience first-hand more of ari's adorableness!! the last time we were together i remember him thanking ben and i for being your friends :) seriously? how stinking cute is that? his heart is so sweet! and noah, what a doll! love your fam kris!