Thursday, September 3, 2009

the wedding

mall playground, summer 2009

me: noah! stop hitting, kicking, biting, teasing, (insert behavior here)
lady next to me: noah? as in "the notebook"
me: excuse me?
lady: you, know....the nicholas sparks?
me: uh...noooeeewww....noah, as in "the biblical patriarch who herded the world's animals two by two?
lady: oh. i love those books. have you read the wedding?
me: no
lady: oh, its sooooo good. i couldn't put it down. it's the sequel to the notebook and it's wonderful.
me: i'll get right on that (yeah right)

well, as skeptical as i was talking with this lady, i was leaving on a trip and needed some "fluff" to read. i reserved "the notebook" and "the wedding" at my library and threw them in my suitcase. i read the notebook first and it was short, sweet, and an easy read. perfect for my summer vacation. then, i started the wedding. this was different. this was about romancing your SPOUSE. what? people do that? they don't just ditch their years of commitment and hook up with someone who "gets" them and makes them feel alive? this story was wonderful, romantic, and just what you'd want in a summer fluff read. but this one, to me, was profound. it was the story of a man disconnected from his wife who decided to do something about it. even if that meant remorse and humility on his part. i would highly recommend this book. you won't be disappointed.
i still named my son after the character in genesis, though.
for the record.


Jeana said...

Thanks for the review, I've been looking for a good, light, book to read. I bet Nicholas Sparks named his character after Noah from Genesis, too. At least in The Notebook he seems to bring "comfort."

kristal said...

i bet you're right, jeana. you named your noah after the notebook, though, right? :)

Liz_24 said...

I can just imagine what all the Twilight-heads think everytime someone names a kid "Edward"! LOL

Tonya said...

Hee hee. I have those books, I loved them. :)

Jeana said...

No, we named him Noah because every time I suggested a name Geary said, "No!" and I would get frustrated and say, "Ugh!"

You know I'm kidding.

kristal said... sonny your comment right before he left for work. let's just say he walked out the door with a big grin:)