Thursday, September 10, 2009

number 20

ari's "pose". he wouldn't smile because "when the players catch the ball they don't smile"
his ridiculously expensive jersey, but it really is cute, huh?
ari was asked to play catcher for the first inning of the first game. they asked our permission first...should i be worried?
he held to the stance they showed him like a statue. he asked me how i still knew it was him with all that stuff on?!


Becky said...

Way to Go ARI!!! You are so cute in your baseball uniform and look oh so professional. Have fun playing. Love- The Verduin's

Jeannette said...

TOO STINKIN' ADORABLE!! wish we could come watch you play ari!! kristal, were you teary the whole tiem?? how can you handle this cuteness?

darbishar said...

Way too cute! Did he have fun?

Tonya said...

I love baseball uniforms, they are just too adorable on little boys! Roman played catcher, and he loved it! Ari has the stance down like a pro already! Way to go!!