Sunday, September 6, 2009

holiday food

when ari heard he didn't have school on monday because it was a HOLIDAY he assumed we would be having our holiday tradition...monkey bread! although this is usually reserved for christmas, he was pretty excited so it will be our new "labor day" tradition as well:)
we assembled the "bread" portion of the recipe the night before so we'd just have to bake and glaze in the morning. we don't like to delay our gratification TOO long...
if you wanna play along at home buy 3-4 tubes of biscuit dough. not grands. not cresent rolls. just plain 'ol biscuits. cut them into fours. pour some cinnamon and sugar into a ziploc, add the little pieces of dough, and
shake! it helps if you do a crazy dance. they get fully coated that way.
then put the little sweet pieces into a greased pan until you've used 'em all up. when you're ready to bake i usually put them in at about 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes, but its not an exact science. you just want to make sure the pieces aren't still gooey underneath.

while they're baking, you want to create the glaze. mmmm....yeah. it's good. melt one part butter to one part brown sugar (so 1/4 c. butter to 1/4 c. brown sugar, etc). you want to really get it bubblin' and mixed well cuz it likes to separate. once the bread comes out of the oven give the glaze a real vigorous stir and pour it all over the baked dough. it will bubble, hiss, and form a mountain of deliciousness. don't wait for a holiday! make it now!!


Liz_24 said...

Sweet! I never knew how to make monkey bread. I hope you guys enjoy!

Micah and Christa Forsythe said...

Monkey bread was my families Christmas tradition and when Micah and I got married I found out it was his families Christmas tradition too! We love monkey bread... if you want an extra special treat try the flakey layered biscuits.... those are AMAZING.... We mix regular biscuits and flakey and WOW.... amazing. I am celebrating labor day with you in spirit... (Eden can't handle cinnamon right now... so no monkey bread for me!)

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Tonya said...

We haven't made monkey bread in ages! I need to make some with my boys soon! Although I should probably wait until my diet is over, because I'm thinkink I won't be able to resist!! Looks like you guys had fun!