Saturday, September 26, 2009

happy birthday times three!

today we celebrated noah and his two best buddies' birthdays. since they all three love animals and spend tons of time together at the okc zoo, we thought a zoo theme would be fun.
goody bags for all the wonderful friends who came to show their love to finn, sawyer, and noah
facepaint was available if you wanted to transform into a zoo animal
trampoline, sandbox, slide, and lots of other distractions were able to be enjoyed on this beautiful day
every creature's tummy rumbles!
two of the papa bears
a menagerie of cupcakes
turning FOUR!
brothers sharing some ice cream on the stoop
happy birthday, noah!


Micah and Christa Forsythe said...

Those are the CUTEST cupcakes EVER! I love all the decorations too... you are creative! Happy B-day, Noah!

Jeana said...

Great pictures! Your boys are way too cute. I love the animal cupcakes!

Tonya said...

It was an awesome party!! My little animals had a blast! Thanks for including us! Your cupcakes rocked!! :)

lani said...

i love your cupcakes - what a cute idea!

Jeannette said...

oh man, how i wish we could help celebrate!!! happy birthday noah!!! looks like the party was a hit! love all your decorations and the cupcakes. marvelous!

Tamara said...

oh wow kristal!!!!!!!
you are such an awesome mom!!!!
I can't believe Noah is 4 already!
thanks for sharing with us....
love you so much.....

sonny said...

Am I really that fat? Woah. Long way to go.