Friday, June 19, 2009

blueberries for sal

last night was grand opening for berry picking at a farm in stroud, ok.  our friends (tonya and her kiddos) invited us to come along for some blueberry harvesting.  ari took the job very seriously and was sure to just pick the plump, blue ones; not the small, green, sour ones.  he didn't eat a single berry.
he ended up with a bucket like this after his efforts.  yum!!  
noah, on the other hand, (actually on a different planet) picked just as many as ari, but with no thought as to their color, size, or ripeness. and not one....not ONE blueberry made it into little noah's bucket.  they all made it into his belly.  (yes, he had a few tums today:)
the most important part of the evening was learning how we get the food we eat and having fun with friends.  mission accomplished!


Tonya said...

we had a great time! And I got some pics that you can steal when I post them!! I stole the one of the 3 kiddos on the ground, what a great pic! Thanks again for going with us!! We loved having the company!

C and G said...

I LOVE picking berries - especially blueberries (no thorns :)!!! What a fun summer activity!

David Devora said...

Your sons are growing, but where are the pictures of you? It looks like everyone is having fun. Thanks for your blog.

Liz_24 said...

Adorable picture of the kids! Maybe we'll do this next year.

lani said...

how fun! i love the pictures of your boys - and it's always so neat to hear about their different personalities. :)