Saturday, May 23, 2009

the lion king

bonnie and i in ROW G ...yes that's as close as it sounds

below is the best picture on the net i could find to give you a taste of what i experienced.  the amount of art and beauty, music, movement, poetry, and profound themes in this few hours truly reminds me of what heaven will be.  not only did this showcase the most incredible creativity humans posses, but it used the creation of the one who gave us that ability and desire.  the beauty the audience takes in is from God's hand and the deep longing and need we have for beauty is because he gave it to us.  it refreshes us, encourages us, reminds us of what is important.  the visual beauty was stunning.  the musical artistry was breathtaking.  below you will find a song that has breathed life into me on many occasions and much to my delight it was a part of the show.  with all the movement and colors i had imagined right before my eyes instead of in my head.  the lyrics to the song are so simple.  so beautiful.  

Ibambeni njalo bakithi [Hold on tight my people]
Ninga dinwa [Don't get weary]
Ninga phelelwa nga mandla [Don't lose your strength]

Siya ba bona [We can see]
Babe fun' ukusi qeda [They wanted to hold us back]

One by one
Ngeke ba lunge [They will not succeed]
One by one
Sizo nqoba [We will win]

Ngoba thina [Because]
Siya zazi [We know who we are

we are the creator's.  hold on.  don't get weary.    
we will win.  


Tonya said...

So glad that you got to enjoy this wonderful show!

Liz_24 said...

So cool. I heard it's amazing.