Thursday, April 23, 2009

OT for me!

spinning, jumping, swinging, foam pit, tunnels, hippity hop balls....sounds like fun, huh?  well, this is actually therapy.  work.  occupational therapy to be exact.  i was introduced to this incredible world when i worked in a program for children with autism and other special needs.  wow.  this stuff was so effective....and so FUN!  well, noah gets to be assessed at sensational kids today...a local OT center that specializes in sensory processing disorder.  this is a rare find and i'm so thankful OKC has such a place.  although noah is definitely not a severe case, i do see some sensory issues in him and want to address them during this key 0-5 yr old window.  i'm so excited to see what the therapists say and what activities we can do to help noah's nervous system function as well as possible for the rest of his life.  thanks for reading this and caring.  cuz i know you do:)


Liz_24 said...

Neat looking place! What a fun therapy!

C and G said...

What a great resource for you guys - that is fantastic that you have it nearby! Hope the assessment goes well!

lani said...

i'm so glad you have such a great resource so close! hope they're able to provide an accurate and helpful assessment. :)