Friday, April 24, 2009

new adventure

this week i started a new adventure.  i am honored and excited to be the home educator of this smiley 7 year old boy.  noah and i enjoy having him in our home and look forward to lots of learning, not just in academics, but in character development, social skills, and just life!  thank you to all of you who've asked about this and supported me in this new endeavor.  i look forward to field trips where some of you can meet and get to know daniel.  he is an avid animal fan so get out your zoo passes and join us!


darbishar said...

Can't wait!

Jeana said...

Awesome! I know the three of you will have a blast together and learn tons!

Tonya said...

Yeah! How fun! So glad it's off to a great start! So will he do the home school thing all summer, or does he get a 'summer break'? I'm looking forward to meeting him!