Wednesday, April 1, 2009


did you know you could take 4 dollar lamp shades (or free ones you have lying around the house) and make them into custom designer lamps to match any decor?  

it's true!  get out your scissors, glue gun and an ugly shade or two and get to work.  if you don't like the color or theme in a year or two, the best part is, you can change it!  

maybe you don't need new lamp shades...but is there something else you were planning to buy?  take a moment to think how you could use something you own, or a garage sale find to create the thing you were going to purchase new.  it's green.  it's frugal.  and let me tell much more satisfying then picking something off the shelf at target.  happy re-purposing!


darbishar said...

Love it! you always make the cutest stuff from the best deals!

Monica said...

These are gorgeous! Is it fabric or paper that you glued on these shades?

kristal said...

monica...i'm so sorry it took me this long to respond! yes, it's fabric. paper might be easier, but i was just worried about not finding a big enough piece, although if you modpodged it, it may not even really show the multiple pieces. let me know if you try either way!