Tuesday, April 21, 2009

if only it worked that way

my mom and i are always teasing the boys about how they're getting too big, we don't want them to grow or have any more birthdays.  they always protest loudly and say even if we put a brick on their head they'd still grow. 

yesterday, ari (age 6.5) said "mom!  i got it!!  since you want me to stay young forever we should just go to chuck e. cheese's every day.  it's where a kid can be a kid!"


Tonya said...

Hee hee! What great thinking Ari!! :)

I personally want to make my way to Neverland...... :)

Becky said...

That is the cutest thing- Kids are so creative and never cease to amaze me and definately do grow up WAY TO QUICKLY! Enjoy all those little moments with your boys. Can't wait to see ya soon- Becky

darbishar said...

That Ari sure is smart!

Jeana said...

If my kids suggested that I would have to say, "Then you'll certainly be a kid for the rest of my life. Because I would surely die before the second trip to Chuck E's." Okay, I wouldn't really say that... but I would think it.