Friday, March 20, 2009

oklahoma city bombing memorial

last night i visited the oklahoma city national memorial for the first time.  needless to say, it was quite an experience.   when we were looking at moving to oklahoma city, the bombing was the only thing i knew about this place.  and even that, i didn't know much about.  it happened while i was in high school and 9-11 has since overshadowed the 1995 attack.  
what struck me most about the memorial was the thought, care, and intentionality put into each part of this 3 acre outdoor tribute.  i don't even want to tell you what i saw or what it symbolized in case you ever get to experience it yourself.
the truth i was reminded of was how vital it is to allow oneself to grieve.  there were so many ways the memorial facilitated the grieving process.  profound visuals, peaceful sounds, and lots and lots of room to just grieve.  to process what happened at that place.  not to stay there, but to be changed and walk forward a different person because of what you went through there.

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Tonya said...

sadly, I've never been there! I keep saying we should go, but we never do. Bourbon is actually in one of the video loops they play in the museum though. He went to Dana Brown Cooper Head start, which was named after the woman who died who was running the daycare there, so they came to his school for some footage to show at the museum and I had to sign my permission for it to show there. I've had lots of people tell me they have seen him there, but I myself have never been there to see it!
Glad you guys took the time to go see the memorial and appreciate it. :)