Monday, April 6, 2009

a new leaf (or should i say, leafy greens?)

my husband decided to try something new as he entered a new decade last month (he turned 30)  he thought it may be good to give up meat for a while and perhaps slowly introduce leans meats a few days a week after a time.  (he still eats eggs, cheese, meat broth, and fish)  this of course, impacts me, even though i am still a carnivore.  i cook for the family so i was on a mission to find tasty meals minus the flesh.  i actually learned that these meals are less expensive and have less negative impact on the environment.  this could be good, huh?  i decided that you all may want to try a day or two a week without meat for your physical,
 financial, or global health.  i thought it may help if i share some of the tried and tasty recipes i find along the way.  
welcome to "meatless mondays"!
the first recipe is one we ate even before this new leaf.  it is delicious over rice and make
s a wonderful meal.  you could add a salad for even more fill if you like.  let me introduce....cuban black beans.  
did i mention its a crockpot recipe?  i love crockpot recipes.  find it all here and DEFINITELY let me know if you try it!


Jeana said...

I'm excited about this! I have been trying to do 2 or 3 vegetarian meals a week to save money. I'm very much looking forward to learning some recipes that I know other people already like. Thanks!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Mmmmmm...this looks really good. I don't hink my hubby would go for it though. He is on the opposite end of the ,as he is on a low carb diet...lots of meat!

BTW, thanks for your sweet words of encouragement. It was a bummer, but also a great learning experience and stepping stone for bigger and better things!

{Hugs} ~ Amanda

Carolyn said...

I'm definitely going to try this! And by the way, I made the cake balls from a previous post last week for Greg's RAs... they were fun to make and yummy too! Thanks for the ideas.

Erin said...

Hooray for Meatless Monday. Love the title, love the idea. I'll be tuning in, for sure! You inspire me!