Wednesday, March 18, 2009

adoption party pics

roasted red pepper hummus.  mmmmm....
cake balls....they look ordinary.  festive.  cute.  but wait til you sink your teeth into one.  you will be obsessed.  on a mission i tell you.  these can be made in any flavor, any color, and any theme.  that really doesn't matter, though....cuz they taste.  so.  good.  i want to devote a whole post to them, but that would be disgusting, right?  well, bakerella has devoted a whole blog to them so check it out here.  seriously.  do it.
candy bouquet...noah wanted to serve candy exclusively at the party, but i snuck a few other things on the table
noah loving the attention and gifts.  we have such wonderful people who surround us!


Erin said...

How fun! As always, you did an amazing job. Can't wait to try cake balls. We so badly wish we could have been there to celebrate!

Tonya said...

The cake balls were delicious!!! Thanks again for having us, we loved helping you celebrate!