Sunday, March 29, 2009


i couldn't live one more day without costco, so yesterday morning after my complaining, sonny suggested we load up the kids and head to dallas!  it was spontaneous.  it was fun.  and we got all the hot dogs and churros we could hold.  (did you know they have jumbo soft drinks now?  glorious!)  

on the way home as a form of entertainment, sonny put his hands above his head where the boys could see them in the back seat while going 65 on the freeway.  of course they were impressed and even more so when sonny changed lanes (with his knees) NO HANDS!  sonny kept asking ari "how is daddy doing that?"  

finally ari stated the obvious.  in a completely matter of fact tone he said:  
"you have four hands and two are invisible."  

(sheesh dad.  why do you make me say such elementary things!)

Friday, March 27, 2009

craft show and spring blizzard

a blizzard.  yes.  the last weekend of march.  and no.  i don't mean a dairy queen treat.  grown men on the weather portion of the news are giggling giddily with how major this storm is gonna be.  it's been forecasted all week and people are talking of nothing else.  especially not going to a craft show.  but don't they know this is my big debut?  don't they know i was going to judge the future of my crafting business on the response at this show?  clearly they think some white stuff is far more exciting.  and oklahomans DON'T drive in the snow.  you have to drive to get to the craft fair.  i'm disappointed.  i wanted to share.  i decided this morning to press on, no matter the weather, and learn what i could from this experience.  it may be a long day.  it may not be a good indication of whether or not i should keep making signs.  but hey.  i'll get a lot of knitting done, right?  

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

extreme makeover-lawn edition

while my parents were here they did a little spring cleaning in areas where sonny and i had been too overwhelmed and a little clueless.  our yard!  my mom and dad cleared out, weeded, hauled, pruned, designed, purchased, and gave our front and back yard a whole new look!  we are so thankful and delighted with the way it turned out.  the addition of flowers in the window box and the hanging baskets are my favorite.  sonny and i are now trying to honor all their hard work by remembering to water and give tlc.  thanks mom and dad!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


i know you're nervous about entering this new decade, but i couldn't be more thrilled to have you join me.  you only get more handsome, brilliant, and intriguing with time so i can only imagine what is in store.  
happy birthday, mine love!

Friday, March 20, 2009

first day of spring

in honor of spring i added this little goody to my etsy shop.

oklahoma city bombing memorial

last night i visited the oklahoma city national memorial for the first time.  needless to say, it was quite an experience.   when we were looking at moving to oklahoma city, the bombing was the only thing i knew about this place.  and even that, i didn't know much about.  it happened while i was in high school and 9-11 has since overshadowed the 1995 attack.  
what struck me most about the memorial was the thought, care, and intentionality put into each part of this 3 acre outdoor tribute.  i don't even want to tell you what i saw or what it symbolized in case you ever get to experience it yourself.
the truth i was reminded of was how vital it is to allow oneself to grieve.  there were so many ways the memorial facilitated the grieving process.  profound visuals, peaceful sounds, and lots and lots of room to just grieve.  to process what happened at that place.  not to stay there, but to be changed and walk forward a different person because of what you went through there.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

adoption party pics

roasted red pepper hummus.  mmmmm....
cake balls....they look ordinary.  festive.  cute.  but wait til you sink your teeth into one.  you will be obsessed.  on a mission i tell you.  these can be made in any flavor, any color, and any theme.  that really doesn't matter, though....cuz they taste.  so.  good.  i want to devote a whole post to them, but that would be disgusting, right?  well, bakerella has devoted a whole blog to them so check it out here.  seriously.  do it.
candy bouquet...noah wanted to serve candy exclusively at the party, but i snuck a few other things on the table
noah loving the attention and gifts.  we have such wonderful people who surround us!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

it's been two years...

since the court officially said he was ours.  read the cliff notes of the story here.
happy adoption day, noah!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

i dream of oma....

we've been looking forward to my mom and dad's arrival for quite some time now.  the boys get more excited than for christmas and the anticipation is palpable in our home.

friday night (two nights before the big day) ari came into our room at 3:30 a.m. shouting "ONE MORE NA-NIGHT 'TIL OMA COMES!!"  cute now, but not so much before dawn.  he actually stayed up and played quietly until we all crawled out of bed hours later.  when i asked him about why he didn't sleep he said he was so excited about oma coming.  i asked...."well, couldn't you have gone back to sleep and dreamed about oma?"  ari quickly  a dream is a mixture of all the things you were thinking about that day and they come out in a confusing dream.  i was thinking of just one thing.  oma.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

burst of spring

my front door was in need of  a little spring so i headed to the trusty local dollar tree.  i got a styrofoam ring and two bunches of flowers.  after popping off the blooms i got out my hot glue gun and just started attaching flowers until i got this...

my three dollar burst of spring!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

wednesday weigh-in

you may have noticed in my post about jeana that we are on a health journey together.  inspired by her courage in posting her ACTUAL WEIGHT on her blog, i decided to do the same.  well, in the comments section on her blog:)  we are cheering each other on and picking each other up during the tough times when the scale is going in the wrong direction.

this morning my 6-year-old came to me and said..."'re looking so much thinner"  this was strange on many levels.  number one-my son is the most unobservant boy ever, and he's 6.  number 2-i don't look thinner yet.  so i asked..."honey, who told you that?"  he quickly told me that oma and he talked about it the night before on the phone.  i told him i appreciated the thought, but it didn't really matter what my size was cuz i loved him no matter what.  we went through all the scenarios, fat, thin, tall short, blonde, brunette, etc. and decided we would love each other in all those circumstances and any in between.  he looked up at me and said...."how 'bout we love each other through thick and thin."  

i agree ari.  i agree.

Monday, March 9, 2009

i am blushing now....

this lovely lady ordered a sign after she saw it on amanda's blog (remember, i've never met either of these women) and now she featured it on HER blog!  i'm sorry for posting so much about grateful tulip, but i'm just so EXCITED!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

happy one year anniversary to us!

wow!  i still can't believe it!!  it's been a WHOLE YEAR!!  what fun it has been, too:)  i seriously have benefitted much from the writing of this blog and from those who read it.  i'll have to go into that more later (it's pretty profound), but today let's just celebrate the community we have on varela voyage.  i love you all and so appreciate what you bring to my life.

Friday, March 6, 2009

it's fun to stay at the...

Y-M-C-A!  come ' know you wanna sing along:)  my kids do.  every day.  they LOVE going there and in our few short weeks of being members, we really are more healthy.  while sonny and i get a work out (good for oh-so-many reasons) the boys play in the kid zones full of fun activities and new friends.  we often do this in the evening when we may be caught somewhere else a little less healthful (mcdonald's play land, movie theatre, etc) and a lot more expensive.  ari started swimming lessons this week and can't say enough about how much fun he's having.  granted, it's a lot of desperate doggie-paddling to save his life and even more time waiting at the wall, but he's learning, he's moving, he's not in front of the tv.  
i know you've heard this same message a MILLION times, but i wanted you to hear it from me.  the ultimate slug.  i hate exercise.  i love sitting.  i love mcdonald's food.  not any of their "healthy" options either.  i like my cheesburgers flat and my fries greasy.  i drink enough soda to keep coca-cola in business.  and yes....i love the Y.  the people are friendly and i'm inspired every time by people who are of all ages, all levels of fitness, just pluggin away knowing that moving their body is better than not movin it. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

i'm feelin the love!

the best part about blogging is meeting and reconnecting with friends that you may never get to actually hang out with in person, but you get to laugh, cry, and encourage each other in bloggyland.  i have made one such friend over at imperfectly beautiful.  amanda has inspired me to try things i never thought i could and to make my home beautiful, even if it is not done perfectly.

when i opened my etsy shop she encouraged me and so as a token of my appreciation i sent her one of my new signs.  as a totally unexpected thrill i found my sign gracing her blog!  check this out and click on her blog title to see more wonderful posts.

Monday, March 2, 2009

black and gold not your thing?

my dear friend heather snagged this lamp for me when her husband's hotel was gonna trash it, but gold doesn't really go with my decor.  nothing a little spray paint won't fix! needs a lampshade.  i buy a plain one for 3 bucks at ross (a tjmaxx type place), cover it with toile fabric on sale and add a little clearance priced black fringe. i attach it all with my hot glue gun for easy removal down the road.  
 for less than 5 dollars i got this entire lamp that is just the style i wanted!