Sunday, January 18, 2009

National Sanctity of Human Life Day

“Stalin once famously said, ‘One death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.’ Well, then the statistics are staggering: Some historians believe that between the murder, the state sanctioned famine, and the concentration camps, Stalin was responsible for 40 million deaths.”

Today we celebrate life. It is so easy to see huge numbers of losses and think nothing, but if it is one life that is close to us the grief is staggering and life long. i have a friend who is doing something about these "statistics". her name is tamara and she is the assistant director at one of the busiest pregnancy resource centers in the nation. not only does she administer free pregnancy tests, parenting classes, support in the form of baby clothes and food, and no cost counseling for parents with an unplanned pregnancy, but she crochets.

she celebrates life by crocheting baby booties. booties that she gives to parents when they first find out they are going to have a baby. she says nothing else they have tried makes the reality of a new life quite so clearly as a pair of baby booties. mothers and fathers may not see or feel their child, but looking at those booties they can imagine that life. not a statistic or a mass, but a life. i am so proud of what tamara does. she doesn't just say she's against abortion. in fact, i don't think she ever says that. she says she loves people and wants to help young women and men in crisis situations and be there for them with whatever it takes to get them through. she doesn't just fight for life. she gives her life. she pours it out for others proving to them that they are not just a statistic, but a significant, valuable, creation.


Tonya said...

What an awesome post. Thanks for sharing. Your friend Tamara is a great woman with a wonderful heart. Let me know what organization she works for and if I can send a donation. I would love to help.

tamar said...

oh kristal. thank you for your kind words. not for me, but for all the dear girls who feel used and abandoned, and for the babies who will be valued, and the guys who are trying to step-up and be real men. may others be inspired to love in the name of jesus.