Friday, January 30, 2009


if you are not in the mood to be convicted and moved, 
do not watch this.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

dumpster dive!

i know my mom will say "i raised you better than that" and my husband will say "if you need something...i'll buy it for you" and in both cases i would don't understand treasure hunting!  i have been honing my skills in the area of finding old things, free things, disregarded things, and restoring them to a useful place in my home or our family's life.  this oftentimes takes some creativity and even some "fringe" behavior.  never illegal.  never dangerous.  just a little kookie.  
several weeks later i was getting ready for my first craft show.  i only get a 6' foot table and the rest of my product needs to be hung on upright, freestanding displays.  i checked craigslist.  a pegboard would run me a couple hundred dollars!  USED!!  i knew this would not work and as i was in the garage one day i saw my shutters.  the lightbulb didn't just go exploded!  they were PERFECT!  much cuter, trendier, and cheaper than the alternative and there they were in my own house!  i used some curtain clips i had to attach my items and they were so cute.  not a penny invested.  i didn't even have to paint them as "shabby chic" is all the rage.  
thank you for letting me share this excitement with you.  let me tell you...i will cherish these display stands much more than anything i purchased in a store.  they involved much more of a rush than any luxury purchase ever has.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ice, ice baby!

a few ice crystals have formed and the city has shut down. we have a whole day clear and open ahead. what to do?

Monday, January 26, 2009


our 3-year-old, noah, runs into a room providing his own superhero theme music. he can break into the most intense air guitar solo at any moment of the day. he already does "impressions" to make us laugh with the skill of any stand-up comic today. i decided to write down just a few things that have come out of his mouth lately so i don't forget....

"mom, can giraffes giddy-up?"

"mommy, will you baby-sit me?"

noah: sticking his tongue all the way out
mom: "are you doing lion's pose from yoga?"
noah: "I NOT A YOGA! SHREK is a yoga!!"

Friday, January 23, 2009

sticks and stones may break my bones...

but, boy are they pretty!  when i saw this (pictured below) at my friend heather's house i knew i had to copy her.  but there was a problem.  sticks in a store are EXPENSIVE.  who knew?  they also are smaller than the ones heather had.  i asked her wherever did she find those things of beauty and she responded (of course) ikea.  well, i hadn't planned my trip to ikea at this point and i'm stranded here without one.  my dear, amazing, incredible friend, not only went out and bought these lovelies for me, she talked her in-laws into driving with them extending from their trunk, through the back seat, and actually into the front seat console area from vancouver, WA  all the way to okc!  that is love.  all that to say....
the sticks were now in my possession and they reside in my bedroom...
and next to my front door....
and i STILL have some left over.  they are beautiful and i get a little surge of happy every time i look at them.  thank you, heather!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

happy birthday to me!

as if my husband EVER needed to buy me a gift again...he did.  for my birthday.  and it is amazing.  it took a lot of convincing for him to buy me something that plugs in (a big no-no when men buy women a gift) but i finally persuaded him that i wanted, longed for, and would delight in a deep freeze.  not only did he buy it for me; he shopped craig's list, made lots of calls, drove hours, cleared space in the garage, and somehow lifted it in.  the thing is HUGE.  and she is my new best friend.  
i can now cook and bake in bulk, capitalize on major sales, and save things for later that before would have gone out in the garbage.  i'm very excited and have already filled her up.  many thanks to my friends erin and bonnie who have been letting me store my stuff rent-free in their freezers for the last few months.  i wouldn't have made it without you!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ugly rumor

can't confirm this, but john and cheri on klove (christian radio) said that krispy kreme was giving away a donut of your choice today in honor of the inauguration.  if it's true, God bless america!  if not, maybe you'll just have to buy one anyway:)  
i guess you should phone first to your location.  let me know if you get free yumminess!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

National Sanctity of Human Life Day

“Stalin once famously said, ‘One death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.’ Well, then the statistics are staggering: Some historians believe that between the murder, the state sanctioned famine, and the concentration camps, Stalin was responsible for 40 million deaths.”

Today we celebrate life. It is so easy to see huge numbers of losses and think nothing, but if it is one life that is close to us the grief is staggering and life long. i have a friend who is doing something about these "statistics". her name is tamara and she is the assistant director at one of the busiest pregnancy resource centers in the nation. not only does she administer free pregnancy tests, parenting classes, support in the form of baby clothes and food, and no cost counseling for parents with an unplanned pregnancy, but she crochets.

she celebrates life by crocheting baby booties. booties that she gives to parents when they first find out they are going to have a baby. she says nothing else they have tried makes the reality of a new life quite so clearly as a pair of baby booties. mothers and fathers may not see or feel their child, but looking at those booties they can imagine that life. not a statistic or a mass, but a life. i am so proud of what tamara does. she doesn't just say she's against abortion. in fact, i don't think she ever says that. she says she loves people and wants to help young women and men in crisis situations and be there for them with whatever it takes to get them through. she doesn't just fight for life. she gives her life. she pours it out for others proving to them that they are not just a statistic, but a significant, valuable, creation.

Friday, January 16, 2009

rest for the weary

take a nap today.  go ahead.  noah highly recommends it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


"On december 23, 2008, the last major supplier of VHS tapes, Distribution Video Audio Inc. of Palm Harbor, Florida, shipped its final truckload."

i still remember the very first time i saw a vhs tape.  i remember the separate sections at the video store...vhs or beta.  it's the end of an era.  goodbye dear friend.

Monday, January 12, 2009


we were at the mall playland and as usual ari found an adult to talk to.  at a certain point we try to cut him off as his ramblings are cute to us, but not so much to a complete stranger.  sonny called him over.

sonny:  buddy, remember how i told you that it can be dangerous to talk to strangers?
ari: oh no, here we go again.
sonny:  i just care about you, ari.  have fun playing!
ari: (approaches aforementioned woman) my dad said i can't talk to you cuz you're a stranger.
woman: well, that's a good idea.  sometimes strangers aren't nice and they may want to hurt you.
ari: no.  that's just somethin my dad read in some book.  it isn't true.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


noah has been tumbling, climbing, and somersaulting a lot lately so i signed him up for gymnastics.  he was terribly afraid, but thankfully miss brigette (seen always next to noah) eased him in until he looked quite comfortable.  he did the balance beam, pit filled with foam, and climbing mats.  next week i think will be the pommel horse...

Thursday, January 8, 2009


still no word from on what to do about the extra cricut they sent me.  i think they meant it as a gift for such a great customer as myself:)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

you know you've spent too much time at the craft store when...

noah and i were walking into our local craft store the week before christmas and yes, it was one of dozens of trips we'd made there in the last weeks, but i didn't realize just how bad it was until we walked through the doors and i heard this tune from my 3-year-old...

"have a hobby lobby christmas"

he's not singing jingle bells....he's writing jingles. 

maybe hobby lobby will pay him in store credit:)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the perm of '09

those of you who know my perm history cannot believe i went "under" again. i myself can barely believe it. my sister is a cosmetologist and i think she did a great job. she was very sensitive to my apprehension:) i had a tight, spiral, piggybacked perm continuously from 1987 until 1998 and letting go was the one of the most traumatic things in my life up until that point. i feel at a much better place now and feel i am finally ready to give this another try.

i know the 80's are over, but man...i still love that hair!

Monday, January 5, 2009

were you a girl in the '80s?

...then this is a familiar sight to you.  
i just can't believe i subjected myself to it once again.  stay tuned for pictures of finished product...

Sunday, January 4, 2009


so-ya'll know about my cricut, right? best gift ever. i've ran through several blades already just creating 'til my heart's content. ok. oh-did i mention it's quite pricey? yeah. ok. here's what happened....

we drove into our driveway last night after a 14 hour drive from michigan. there was 9 newspapers strewn about our lawn, a mailbox overflowing with christmas greetings and junk mail, and a large package on our stoop. neither of us were expecting one and as we got closer we saw it was from the company sonny had ordered my cricut from. a few of the accessories he ordered were on backorder (because of their big sale) and i was expecting them, but this box was BIG. we got it inside and i sliced open the box. inside was my cartridge, blade replacements, and cutting mats. these weigh about 8 oz. altogether. this puppy was HEAVY. under my accessories was none other than.....ANOTHER CRICUT! not the little one. not the medium one. THE BIG, DELUXE, AMAZING one!!! they sent me the entire order and forgot to omit the machine they'd already sent.

i am writing this partly to share my life and partly to hold myself accountable. customcrops is closed until monday for the holidays and i know i need to call them. i don't want to call them. i want to keep the cricut. i want to sell the cricut and buy more cricut toys. i want to give the cricut to a deserving woman. i want to do basically ANYTHING but return it to its rightful owner.

but....i will. i will call. i will do the right thing. please don't think me noble. i REALLY don't want to.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


last night my cousin jer came to join all of us in ringing in the new year. we were all downstairs waiting for the coverage in new york. it was quite busy and loud, but somehow ari heard jer articulate this...

jer: "i don't like new years eve"

from across the room this erupted...

ari: "then you don't love JESUS!

oh....i mean.....uh.....that's christmas eve. ok. oops. sorry."